• Medicals

    These can be requested with written permission (patient consent also attached) by DWP, employers or other agencies for a set fixed fee.

    We provide a thorough subjective and objective examination together with written report and recommendations for individuals and organisations. Please call or email for more details

  • Medicolegal treatment

    At Physiotherapy First Limited we currently provide treatment for a wide range of medicolegal companies for RTC and litigation issues. Individual cases can be referred together with a central preferred supplier agreement.

    Please call or email for more details

  • Occupational health Rehabilitation

    Corporate organisations can also request treatment and assessment for employees for fitness to work or return to work issues. This may range from sickness/ illness to work related disorders and modified duties.

    Please call or email for more details


  • Sports injuries

    Whether you’re the classic weekend warrior or part of a crack team we have the right treatments for you.

    We are here to give you the right diagnosis and appropriate treatment for your issues, be it traumatic injuries or overuse problems. We also offer advice on injury prevention, not just waiting for the problem to happen but focusing on key areas of potential problem disruption and ensuring you are both psychologically ready and in peak physical fitness to resume training and competing

  • Work related disorders

    No matter if it’s a one off injury or years or hard work that eventually caused your issues we can always help.

    We understand that work is work, and, no-one want's to lose time and money because of niggles or avoidable aches and pains. With any line of work there are always risks involved whether it is heavy industrious work or more sedentary roles, the body is always in the firing line.

  • Arthritic complaints

    Here is a condition that eventually comes to us all, but it doesn’t always mean that nothing can be done!

    Several steps can be taken to alleviate common arthritic problems from the straight forward to the someone bizarre, often, through experience of dealing with varied patients who have suffered and lived through arthritis.

  • Lower back pain

    This is one of the most common complaints and almost everyone will suffer at some point.

    Is it inevitable that throughout your life you will experience some sort of back ache or pain, this may range from a simple pull to the more extreme debilitating, punishing sensations associated with sudden onset back pain

  • Other conditions

    Many other diagnosed conditions can be treated, often this depends on if you have seen your GP or just simply google search it!

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