September Update - 2012

Posted on 18/09/2012.

Again another busy few months!

Work continues to build and ever more leads appear, so far so good!
Alot of interesting work and coverage recently about the role of physios in whiplash claims, a few interesting viewpoints, particularly from those upon high. I believe the public perception is that the majority of accidents and subsequent claims are false.Anyone who has been in such incidents would back up the opposite thought that really, even the smallest bump cause cause pain. Recent evidence suggests that even at 8 MPH the force transmitted through the cervical spine can be enough to cause bleeding into the joint and subsequent pain. Would be interested to hear more views!

Also this quater we have looked at a linkup with a company in the states that promotes health chocolate products. Again some interesting research about the effect of migraines and headaches with certain chemicals aswell as the effect that chocolate can have on joints.

We have again linked up with Walsall football club to offer our services covering the recent walsall v wolves all-stars games and the game at the weekend between the walsall legends and supports trust, both thoroughly entertaining!

Plans are still afoot about the 3rd branch but more news on that when the plans can be revealed! But as ever the emphasis is on quality and not a cheap service, the business so far has been progressed on satisfaction something which will be part of the fabric of the 3rd hub which, hopefully isnt too far away!

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