October Update - 2012

Posted on 03/10/2012.

Much has been said in the media about the use of social media, the pro`s and more often the cons.

The use of twitter to physiotherapy first (@Physiofirstltd) has been seen as only beneficial as a number of good contacts has been made aswel as linking up with other clinics and sharing ideas. One thing i wasnt quite forseeing was the contact from Jocelyn Nelson in the US. I have asked her to write a small blog to explain a little about what she does.

My name is Jocelyn Nelson, I worked in the Physical Therapy field for 10 years before turning to Healthy Chocolate for a new way of treating my physical ailments. I saw dozens of issues people suffered from due to inflammation in their muscles and joints. I personally suffered for the past 20 years from debilitating migraine headaches as well as chronic back pain.
I was approached by a well known nutritional advisor one day with the idea that chocolate, in its untainted form could actually help reduce inflammation.Just think…….eating CHOCOLATE to reduce inflammation?? Sounded a bit farfetched to me too. Until I did some research and found articles like this one that discusses the possibilities of cocoa reducing migraine headaches. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20138852 and this one that describes how cocoa may help reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes .Diabetes.webmd.com/news/20110323/cocoa-rich-in-health-benefits . Dr. Pederson PHD, has website that describes how cocoa reacts in your body. www.MyDrChocolate.com
In researching further, I found that there is only one company has been awarded the trademark of “Healthy Chocolate” and that it sustains cocoas natural properties after processing.
After consuming their products for about 12 weeks, and continuing my own physical therapy treatments, I began to notice a significant reduction in my migraines. The combination of reducing my body’s inflammation and strengthening during my appointments was working! Thousands of people are consuming Healthy Chocolate. They’re feeling great, reducing inflammation in their body the natural way. I encourage everyone to do your research and see for yourself, what Healthy Chocolate can do for you.www.Jocelynelson.com

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