May Update - 2012

Posted on 07/05/2012.

Embracing the twitter revolution!

It is true that there is much information out there for health related needs, and its true to say that much of it is debatable. But as i have found there are several more trustworthy sources that are worthy of note. I have began to use twitter more and more recently not only to keep abreat of new information and research but also as a way of keeping up-to-date of the local community, afterall i am here to help and assist the local population!

On the news front it appears that alot more competition has evolved in the private physiotherapy field. I can look at this in two ways; all competition is good as it maintains the drive for quality and innovation. But i can also look at the realism of the business world. Much of the new competition is built from cost effectiveness and driving down costs. Again nothing wrong with this but feedback i have been receiving is that this isnt always the case in terms of maitaining good quality and consistant care. Simple things such as friendly surroundings, ease of access, time spent with patients and a good depth of resopurces are all aspects which will invariably suffer.

On the physiotherapy-first-limited front, we have again been requested to cover the charity football game between walsall fc and wolverhampton wanderers at bescot stadium on thursday 17th May, kick-off at 19:30. As before this is a charity event. For more information-,,10428~2748925,00.html (copy and paste into browser).
This will be followed up be a charity auction in which physiotherapy-first-limited has donated the shirt of Adam Chambers (player sponsored for 2011/12 season) for auction and hopefully to raise a good sum!

On the horizon is the potential opening of the 3rd clinic, adverts will be going out soon for physiotherapists required to run this clinic, more informatio to follow.

All the best for the summer


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