June 2015

Posted on 02/06/2015.

Another 6-months has fled-by!It will an interesting next 12-months post election in regards to healthcare. Although very contentious, its widely accepted that healthcare is due for reform. Although this primarily relates to the NHS it also has a knock effect to the private sector. with more and more NHS trust coming under pressure to perform well with resources and wait times, the ever growing threat of decommissioning is present. it has already started to happen in areas such as podiatry where NHS contract services have been open to private tender.

Even though the focus is on the NHS, it perhaps even more than ever means that the private sector has to perform well. it has long since been seen as the alternative to long wait list and not because of improved quality. it is accepted that certain areas of the private sector are fragmented and therefore not a smooth transition for the patient, there are larger companies that do try and fill this void but often have the same issues levelled at them that the NHS does.

In regards to this company, the ethos since the beginning back in 2015 has, and always will be quality above everything else. we pride ourselves on good results both in terms of physical outcomes but also patient satisfaction. other providers are out there and often work very well, but the question I would always ask a patient- "would you repeatedly take your car back to the garage if it wasn't completely fixed". the answer to this is an equivocal and resounded well of course not, but why do we see our bodies and our health any differently?

so before getting the lawnmower out and the garden shears at the ready just remember, yes aches and pains are part of normal life but do I look after myself enough to manage these `symptoms`  

even top level sports people train to be good at what they do, but we sometime think that we shouldn't have any after effects with a days painting or gardening, the golden rule should always be, make sure your fit to do what you do, your only as good as what you practise!

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