January Update - 2012

Posted on 15/01/2012.

Happy new year

If 2011 was anything to go by then 2012 is going to one hell of a year.Already we have gained several preferred supplier contracts with some big companies and become an offical supplier to BUPA.
Some changes of note this year have already been some cosmetic changes to the willenhall clinic making it a much more comfortable clinic for both patients and therapists! This year sees a big step forward in healthcare with the introduction of the any-qualified-provider arm of patient care. The general aim of this put forward by the government is to ensure that patients get the best possible care, thus tendering has been put out the most common or use service . within physiotherapy; neck and back pain care. No longer does one service or company have the monopoly over seeing all patients in one area, but rather the best qualified. Much as would be expected this doesnt always mean the cheapest!

The aims for 2012 are to consolodate on the already high quality of care but to continue building the clinic infrastructure and look to offer other services. Updates will, as ever follow!


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