January 2015

Posted on 29/01/2015.

I seem to say this every year but happy belated New Year!

This year is hopefully going to one of change and progression. There are several ideas in the latter stages which will hopefully bring Physiotherapy First onto the world stage! Currently closely guarded secrets

Hopefully everyone has noticed the new design website, all comments and feedback welcome

The roll-out of the new clinic(s) are also in the latter stages of planning and the first stage of the recruitment process will swiftly follow, hopefully with some interesting twists on treatment

Physiotherapy first continues to embrace social medial in the form of linkedin, facebook and twitter and I would encourage all to follow and comment/ ask away for any of your treatment needs or enquiries. I also have to mention that unfortunately because of the nature of the work and cases undertaken that work experience and placements are something we are not able to offer but I would gladly speak to anyone interested in potentially joining an undergraduate physiotherapy course.

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