December 2016

Posted on 06/12/2016.

First an apology that is it has been 12-months since the last blog. Been a busy old year with many changes taking place behind the scenes. Clinically also this year has been a big shift in the style of work performed.

Often in physio it is predominantly aimed towards the patient getting better almost in the most efficient way possible, but recently there has been a big shift in the knowledge the patient holds about their condition and body. This has led to a shift in practice where more `hands-on` styles of work has reduced. The general gauge has been that people are no longer interested in the quick fix but more sustained help where improvement is continued through habit change. The biggest change has been that people are now more active than ever and even those that aren’t are still aware of what they should be done. Health promotions has now become an industry in its own right, with both the public and private sector of healthcare having to adapt.

Given the economic climate of healthcare, every treatment must count and quality must be the uppermost important characteristic. As patients are now more `switched on` with what is on offer, each aspect of healthcare treatment is now highly scrutinised with a high level of justification needed for what approach or technique is used; people will demand to know what is being done and why, after all would you accept a weekly visit to the garage until the car is fixed?

All of this has reinforced the approach at physiotherapy first, knowledgeable patients get better quicker, the general public no longer accepts the approach and standards offered many years ago. As a patient all you can do is, ask, ask, ask!

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