December 2015

Posted on 10/12/2015.

It’s getting to that time of the year again where the nights have drawn in, we have pulled out our woolly jumpers and substituted the bar in the gym for a different type of bar.

Quite commonly a trend may be seen at different times of the year, at the start of the year when the lawn mower comes out we often see more overuse injuries. During the winter times its more arthritic complaints. So what can you do? A lot of problems don’t need to be solved by passing cracking and popping of joints; the simplistic remedies are the best. What a lot of GP`s don’t explain is what arthritis actually is, simply it is a lack of blood supply to a structure, if the blood doesn’t flow there then it is starved or oxygen and general nutrition to the area; like a plant left in the shade!

So if you get general aches and pains, simply, easy, repeated movement are often the best remedy. Creams and rubs can help but only because you are rubbing, the substance is often immaterial! So the answer is get the blood flowing and feel better, keep up the good habits of the summer and keep all the bad aches and pains at bay!

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