April Update - 2013

Posted on 05/04/2013.

More work with less changes!

The last 3-months have proven to be quite interesting. With the proposed new legislation in regards to personal injury about to be implemented, healthcare providers and intermediaries are quickly showing that their ability to evolve business models shows no bounds!

Previous plans to expand the clinic base have been temporarily halted due to the current changing climate of physiotherapy providers. Instead time is being directed towards a differing business model to reflect the changing need and requirements for future business.

This change has come about to counter the pressures to provide a cheap service with inferior quality of care. Physiotherapy First was set up to provide the best quality care with a thorough evidence base. Reports from patients have implied that services and practitioners are out there happy to drive a purely profit based approach in compromise of information and quality.

The company stands by its ethos of transparency of clinical information, sound treatment plans, justified clinical treatment approaches with evidence based reasoning. The question should be asked; does the location you visit do the same?

We firmly believe that patients should come with questions about their condition and in turn, receive logical, reasoned and sensible answers in a way that makes sense to the patient in a manner fitting with a level of understanding; again can you say the same for your last visit to your healthcare provider?

Over the course of the future months Physiotherapy First will continue to build the infrastructure of the company to ensure that high demand is met with high quality, all feedback is welcomed in order for progression to be made.

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