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What is physio

Unlike most other medical professions, physiotherapy is a difficult one to describe. Over the years it has changed in what it represents and provides. As medical science has changed so has the role of the physiotherapist.

What Physiotherapy First provides is an adult musculoskeletal service, this means that we look at certain areas more than others:

  • Bones/ joints
  • Soft tissue/ muscles
  • Nerves
  • Other tissues

When considering an injury or problem the time for which the injury has been present or the stage at which the damage is being treated also have to be noted to understand and provide a successful outcome

It isn’t just the structure itself that we treat, in order to get a patient back to where they want to be you have to look at other factors:

  • Movement
  • Stability
  • Strength
  • Sensation
  • Confidence

These factors often depend upon the individual person, what they want to achieve, and that is the key to success for Physiotherapy First

Why choose us

With several years’ experience in a variety of hospital, private and sporting settings, Physiotherapy First is in a prime position to treat your injuries

Our principle physiotherapist, Jonathan Hope, graduated from Coventry University following the completion of a 3-year Sports Science degree. He has since worked in numerous NHS setting from outer London to Birmingham. Within these settings a variety of roles were undertaken; elderly care, respiratory, ITU, acute neurology and paediatrics. Alongside this Jonathan has worked in the sporting arena, working with semi-professional football clubs, British championship boxers, UFC fighters, semi-professional rugby players as well undertaking charity work for Leukaemia Research UK in the form of the midland masters football tournament.

When choosing physiotherapy treatment as your preferred option you are opting for a chartered (queens stamp of quality) professional (not afforded to other linked professions) who prides itself on providing quality treatment

Physiotherapy First looks to deliver cutting edge clinic skills, providing honest assessments of patient conditions, profit doesn’t always have to come before quality!

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